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T O P I C    R E V I E W
RabidXeno Posted - 21 Mar 2011 : 20:15:52
Hi All
I have been running a Solomon Kane campaign for the last year using the Savage Worlds rules system and am considering detailing at least some of the more recent sessions plus any future ones on this forum. First however I would be interested to know if anyone out there is remotely interested in reading about these adventures before I put in the effort.

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RabidXeno Posted - 06 Apr 2011 : 10:15:14
'Caravan of Horror' part two

So a trap was set for the Reaver. Two of the group were to lay in wait in the rocks whilst two more wandered about tempting the Reaver to attack.
And attack he did. Fire from the two in hiding took down the dragon horse whilst the remaining two charged in to melee. A brief but challenging fight saw the Reaver vanquished, but with his dying breath he cursed the players with 'Others will avenge my death'.

Over the next few days as the group travelled with the caravan, they noticed that two of the waggons were being driven by cowled figures that kept themselves apart from the rest of group, neither sharing in the meals or entertainments that were laid on in th evening camps nor communicating with any of the other travellers. Questioning the caravan master Abu, they were told that the waggons in question contained a high ranking princess who did not wish to mix and would only be attended by her servants. They had joined the caravan for safety reasons, and in addition at a certain point in the journey would leave the caravan for their palace. Abu also stated that he had been instructed to wait until the next day, when several waggons would join the caravan and travel with them onto Hindoostan. Although mysterious Abu said he had been paid handsomely, so was not inclined to pursue the matter.

A bit of clandestine nosing solicited that the female 'princess' was supplied with a seperate meal to the rest of the camp by her servant, a meal that seemed to scuttle and squeek. And one of the group thought he saw a flash of scales on the lower torso of the female, no surely a trick of the light!

Two days later the two waggons peeled away and the caravan was brought to a halt for the night. Jan consulted his tome, and was given two visions. The first showed a mountain shaped rather vaguely like a human skull. The second a man in a dimly lit room reading an exact copy of the tome Jan was in possession of.
So the group tracked the waggons easily through the sand and gravel of the desert. After several hours they rounded a mesa and there the skull shaped mountain with a hugh cave mouth at its base. Around the cave several abominations of human/snake were busy loading waggons with crates and barrels. Engaging the snakemen they killed several before the rest escaped into the cave itself. Opening the crates they discovered large reptilian eggs wrapped in a straw like substance. In the barrels, a thick green viscous liquid spilled forth.
So into the cave! No more snakeman had come out to fight them, so they approached the entrance with some caution to be confronted by a large gold inlaid door with huge serpent fountains to each side. Searching around for a way in Jan discovered some sort of lever device in each of the serpents jaws. Opeerating one he was stung by a severe pain as something spiked into his hand. Poison? A quick bit of first aid was administered, only time would tell if the poison was fatal or if they had caught it in time. Operating the mechanism in the other jaw the door rolled back and the group then embarked on a series of firefights as they fough their way to a central camber to be confronted by the serpent woman princess from the caravan. Around her in the room it was noted were three six limbed serpent woman statues, fearsome looking but inert.

'You will not be allowed to interfere with our plans' she screamed, 'Marilith aid me now' she cried as the heroes opened fire on her. As she took a wound one of the statues creaked, groaned and the arms wielding various swords and cutters swung into action. As she took yet another wound a second statue sprang to life and joined in the melee. Taking the hint the heroes concentrated on the living statues allowing the snake princess to escape to an adjoining room. Three of the heroes finished off the living statues and persued her into the cavern. To their horror behind her they beheld a massive berthing pool of green viscous liquid, chained to pillars within this were several human women who were giving berth to large reptilian eggs!! The horror! After taking sanity checks they finished of the princess and put the women, most of whom had lost their sanity already, out of their misery.
Meanwhile the ever curious Jan had discovered another door guarded a by a gigantic snake. Calling for help he and the others killed the snake and Jan found the opening mechanism for this door without incident. As he gingerly made his way into the dimly lit room a human figure sitting reading a tome, turned to him, pointed and ..... turned to dust and disintegrated.
Jan then somewhat under the spell of his tome laid the two books together. With a blurring swish of pages the two books melded into one and Jan took back his tome.

The group then destroyed the entire site, fireing the contents, crates and barrels, before hitching up a waggon and heading back to the caravan. They thought it best not to tell Abu what had transpired. As the group were able to fabricate a story backed up with gold, Abu shrugged his shoulders and grinned at the unexpected new profit he had made.

So off across the mountains to Hindoostan.
Evil GM Posted - 05 Apr 2011 : 11:24:43
Can I have a mage ? Or priest ? Failing that how about a minotaur paladin ?
RabidXeno Posted - 05 Apr 2011 : 10:12:01
Ok the prequel to the session above called ' Caravan of Horror'. This is the last write I am willing to do unless I know that there are readers out there who are interestd in hearing further.

After vanquishing the Mummy Lord and three of his servitors, our heroes hurriedly escaped from the mountain temple complex as it slowly disintegrated and slid down the cliff face. Two of the group, including the main character with healing skills, Jan were seriously hurt and in need of serious first aid but as they were in the middle of the desert there seemed little hope.
The group managed to find a couple of stray pack camels and supplies to keep them going for a short time, so fearing a return of the missing mummy servitors they dragged their broken comrades into the desert and made a rudimentsry camp to survive the first night.

Next morning as the fit members of the group scouted out the area, a dust cloud was spotted on the near horizon. Waggons!!
A caravan approached the area the characters were camped, and the decision was made to take a chance and make contact as they needed help pretty badly with the wounded. Fortunately the caravan owner, a portly Persian merchant named Abu, took pity on our group and took them in (helped by bribes of gold torcs etc that the group had taken from Takla Makan. First aid was given by the caravans resident old crone (err wise woman) who also voiced her concern about Jan as 'being cursed'. She stated she could help his physical ails but not his mental aberrations.
A disussion amongst the group them took place about the tome, with Jan refusing to part with it, and pointing out how useful it had already proved to the group. Dire threats by one or two of the others about burning it were also expressed, but eventually all aquiesced to see what transpired.
Next morning out hunting for game, two of the group noticed foot prints in the sand, as if something was circling the camp overnight. This reinforced concerns expressed by one or two of the night guards that flaming eyes had been seen during the night some little way out from the camp.
Closer examination revealed that these prints were the same as those left by Xi Bay the Reaver and his dragon horse, the servitor that along with his zombie horde had been responsible for their initial capture and imprisonment at the Temple. So he was back seeking revenge! Fortunately it seemed, on his own.

To be continued, the puppies have just woken up !!
RabidXeno Posted - 27 Mar 2011 : 20:07:53
Ok Nick, as there seems to be little call for me to relate past sessions of Solomon Kane I will just detail the last adventure and how your character 'died'.

Following on from the destruction of the lair of the snakemen, the party made their way across Hindoostan, finally ending up in the Portugese enclave of Goa where they hired passage on a Portugese brigantine sailing to the dark continent.
Departure was delayed as the Captain explained they were waiting for 3 last minute passengers to board and they had yet to show. This engendered a fair amount of paranoia as if you recall when they vanquished the Mummy Lord at Takla Maklan, three of his servitors were absent.
However the 3 turned out to be priests, of some sort, not of any religion known to the group. Noticeably one carried a tome about the same size as the mysterious tome found by Jan Tovenaal (Richard), at the site of the Fishmens dwellings.
The seeming leader of the 3 priests, calling himself Brother Lazarus, intimated straight away upon meeting Jan that he thought he knew him from somewhere, and that he felt they had a connection. This somewhat concerned our heroes especially when later in the day Jan was asked (indeed was willed to admit) if he had the tome. Jan broke the control though and refused to hand the book over even at any price.(If you recall this tome, was giving Jan insight and visions of future events and portents yet to happen and how they could best the evil beings they encountered and leading them to further parts of the book itself. This came at a price of course as slowly Jan became obsessed with the book and started to slowly lose his sanity)

During the course of the day the Captain and First Mate had also become somewhat concerned that a dhow was shadowing the ship. This area was infamous for Musselmen pirates and the fear was they would come under attack soon.

Things became even more tense when at the Captains dinner that evening the priests refused to be part of the saying of grace and withdrew to their own quarters to eat. A Conversation later would only solicite that they were priests of the old ones, those who ruled the earth long before Christianity ever saw the light of day.

So the heroes decided to lay a trap by leaving their book in their cabin and waiting for the priests to attempt theft, that way they could legitamately attack and kill the priests without upsetting the Captain of the ship and risk being sent overboard.

Unfortunately the plan failed but the priests were heard chanting and summoning the servants of Ba' Aloth, although at this time no one knew who Ba'Aloth was of course. This was enough to get the Captain and crew on side, and as enormous sharklike fins were noted approaching the ship our heroes went on the offensive.

A firefight then ensued as the heroes fought the priests and as the crew tried to fight off shark men who were clambering up the side of the ship. After casting a fog spell the priests attempted to get past the heroes on the boat and get to the book that was still below in the heroes cabin. Justin(David) desperately raced to get to the book first and made it, only to be mind controlled by Brother Cain to hand it over and back away, which he was forced to do, which ironically proved fortunate for him.
Cain then sliced into his own palm with a sacrifical knife, spilling blood onto the tome and calling upon Ba'Aloth to aid his worshippers, whereupon the air crackled and fizzed with an ozone smell and a huge black hideous demon like creature materialised and instantly swallowed Cain before turning his attention to Justin.
Justin was fortunately wielding one of the relics that they were seeking as the plot behind this campaign, a magical katana, which he wielded with astonishing speed and competence and vanquished the demon in one attack. i:e he threw 36 hit points on open ended attack dice!! Ba'Aloth dissipated into the ether with a howl, the shark men now wrecking havoc on the ship dived back into the sea and the other 2 priests were despatched with due process.

Only one person noticed whilst this was all going on that the dhow had sailed passed in the general direction of the African port the brigantine was sailing too. On board apart from the crew were 3 strange humans dressed in black silk robes, of similar ilk to the Mummies encountered at Takla Maklan!

Despite that the heroes left the ship by rowing boat and landed at a small enclave on the coast. As they made their way up the jetty a shambling figure dragged its way down the jetty towards them. The rest of the town seemed strangely deserted!
Still not a group to take a hint or make a plan, they dashed into the tavern only to be confronted by the 3 mummy sorcerers and the towns folk that they had turned into zombies.

Lack of forethought and planning ensured that the group took a sound beating, the sorcerers casting entangle spells and darkness to confuse the issue ( magic in SK is not overtly offensive as in ADnD but more subtle). Escape was only just made in the nick of time, although they had to abandon your character Nick, as he was entangled and no one was in a fit state to fight their way to him. Thus he died overwhelmed by zombies as the rest of the group withdrew to plan and eventually fire the town and its contents. One mummy was seen to flee, and one survivor was found alive. This will be your new character for next time.
RabidXeno Posted - 25 Mar 2011 : 16:55:21
I shall need a bit more interest to be shown than just Nick! Is anyone else interested in me logging a few sessions or shall I just let Nick know his characters fate first hand?

Also if there is anyone interested in joining us for sessions you can email me at and I will see what can be arranged.
RabidXeno Posted - 23 Mar 2011 : 18:48:32
Yes, but Richard only has room for 5 at his place. But if anyone else is interested contact me, there may be scope to move the game to mine if the interest is there. I can take a couple more or so and could extend the campaign if called to.
Evil GM Posted - 23 Mar 2011 : 11:31:02
Yes please especially my character death, are other players welcome tony?

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